Amicas Pizza Microbrew & More

127 F St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-5219

Serves: Pizzeria & microbrewery offering wood-fired pies & craft beer

The Fritz

113 E Sackett Ave

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-0364

Serves: Gastro-Pub/American Bistro inspired by French, Spanish and local cuisine

Boathouse Cantina

228 N F St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-5004

Serves: Mexican fare & margaritas in casual riverfront surroundings

Moonlight Pizza & Brewpub

242 F St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-4277

Serves: Modern-rustic joint with a foosball table & patio offering clever pizzas & house-brewed beer


142 US-50

Salida, CO.

(719) 221-6170

Serves:  American, Italian & Asian dishes                as well as homemade desserts

216 Ferraro's

216 F St

Salida, CO.

(719) 530-9463

Serves:  Italian dishes, including house made pasta, plus a full bar

Mo Burrito

311 H St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-2145

Serves: Burritos, Bowls, Tacos, Salads


137 E 1st St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-4759

Serves: Casual eatery with rotating American & global eats in cozy surrounds, plus craft cocktails


Patio Pancake Place

640 E Rainbow Blvd

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-9905

Serves: Longtime, family-run eatery offering American breakfast & lunch fare along with homemade desserts

The Lost Cajun

1110 US-50

Salida, CO.

(719) 239-2020

Serves: Cajun style dishes

Fiesta Mexicana Family Restaurant

1220 E Rainbow Blvd #2916

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-5203

Serves: Casual eatery with margaritas serving Mexican dishes ranging from tacos to carne asada

Los Girasoles

7595 US-50

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-3990

Serves: Mexican Dishes

Benson's Tavern & Beer Garden

128 N F St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-9391

Serves: Assorted pub grub & cocktails served in a chill spot with live music nights & a patio

Sweetie's Sandwich Shop

 124 F St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-4248

Serves: Counter-serve hot spot with cheery chalkboards listing over 60 unique sandwiches, plus baked goods

Wallbangers Sports Bar & Grill

 720 US-50

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-9544

Serves: Sizable hub with a relaxed vibe supplying house-smoked wings & other bar fare, plus an arcade & TVs

Mama D’s Deli

140 N F St

Salida, CO.

(719) 530-3010

Serves: Deli Fare


710 Milford St

Salida, CO.

(719) 539-3059

Serves: Filet mignon & prime rib plus cocktails served in a comfortable, Western-inspired atmosphere.


8046 US-50

Salida, CO.

(719) 530-3033

Serves: Comfort food,Where Breakfast is all day , Every Day to Light Lunches

The Biker & The Baker

123 W 1st St

Salida, CO.

(719) 207-4001


Uptown Grill

413 W Rainbow Blvd

Salida, CO.

(719) 207-4433

Serves: Steaks, fresh seafood and seasonally inspired dishes in relaxed surroundings

House Rock Kitchen

421 E Main St

Buena Vista, CO. 

(719) 966-2326

Serves: A lively patio with games &

health-conscious stop for burgers, sandwiches

Eddyline Restaurant 

926 South Main Street

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 966-6000

Serves: restaurant featuring wood-fired meat dishes

& pizza

Simple Eatery & Spoon It Up

402 E Main St

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 207-9400

Serves: Customized fro-yo & health -conscious New American meals

The Lariat

206 E Main St

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-9494

Serves: Informal bar & American restaurant inside a historic building, with pool, darts & a heated patio

Roosters Crow Cafe

527 US Hwy 24 N

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-0777

Serves: A menu focused on an array of classic American dishes 

The Midland Stop

801-1B Front Loop

Buena Vista, CO.

 (719) 966-5286

Serves: Small, low-key outlet pouring espresso drinks alongside baked goods & scoops of Italian gelato.

Jade Garden

505 US-24

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-4950

Serves: Basic, pink-hued eatery serving Chinese standards such as egg rolls & lo mein plus lunch specials

Jan's Restaurant

304 US Hwy 24 N

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-6940

Serves: Down-to-earth place offering hearty servings of American fare, including breakfast, plus a bar

Elkhorn Pizzeria

601 US Hwy 24 N

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-4882

Serves: Pizza, Beer, Calzones, Wine, Sandwiches, Appetizers, Salad Bar

Casa Sanchez

314 Charles St.

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 966-5101

Serves: Mexican Dishes

Sorelle Delicatessen

303 US-24

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-8417

Serves: Classic deli sandwiches, fare, & beer in a rustic setting with patio seating overlooking a fountain.

Godfather's Pizza Express

115 Harrison Ave

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-2257

Serves: Chain eatery specializing in thick-crust pizzas, also offering calzones, sides & desserts.


234 US-24

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-9459

Serves: Casual counter-serve dispensing hearty sandwiches, including meat & cheese hoagies, gyros & subs.


Buena Vista  



215 US Hwy 24 N

Buena Vista, CO.

(719) 395-2863

Serves: Unassuming pit stop with basic decor turning out fast-food American & Mexican dishes