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Our Family has been showing Several Counties just How much we care and Show Our Support

by helping the many organizations & Businesses. We believe in Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

But sometimes we too need a hand.  We spend hours putting together and listing new things

all the time. Which cost us money to do this.  Which is why we appreciate those who become

a Sponsor, which helps allow us to continue to do this. 

Some ask about Sponsorship Levels

Gold Sponsors are $100 and Above

If you give $250- we list that Sponsor for 1 year

If you give $100- we list that Sponsor for 6 Months

Silver Sponsor are below $100

If you Give $50- we list that Sponsor for 3 Months

Now if a Sponsor has a website or Facebook link, we let people know they can click

the Sponsors Picture if they like to learn more about their business.

Thank you so much for help showing Support Back

If you like to be a Sponsor

email us at:

letting us know, give us the information, your name of business,

Address, City, and Phone Number. 

Mail a check to:

What's Happening in the Mountains

P.O. Box 782

Fairplay,CO. 80440

On check memo: write saying Whats Happening (Website Sponsor)

Note: Send letter with check, giving Name of Business, address, Phone Number, 

website if available. And Owner of Business Name  & Phone Number

We have had non businesses who have also become sponsors, if this is the

case, say non business, and whatever name you wish it to say for sponsorship

appreciation can be shown.

Thank you,

Michelle Adams

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