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What's Happening in the Mountains

 Builders Guide/Contractors List

Appliance Repair Service

Appliance Artisan  Alma,CO. (719) 395-6452

Crow Hill Appliance Inc. Bailey,CO. 303-838-7480    

Architectural Design

Littlehorn Engineering, LLC, Fairplay,CO. 719-836-7120

Truehome Design Build Pine, CO. 303-838-0888

Zoni Design Group Salida, CO. 719-239-9692

Sund Architecture Bailey,CO.   970-497-0021

Alpine Design-Bailey, CO. 303-838-6914

Alexander Structures, Inc. Conifer, CO. 303-697-9441

Asphalt, Concrete

Brannan  Fairplay,CO. (303) 534-1231    (Note: shows several locations)

Love's Enterprises LLC  Bailey, CO. 303-816-9090

Holland Hurst Inc  Evergreen,CO. (303) 674-7926

Asphalt Artistry  Evergreen, CO. (303) 674-7283

Dirt Cheap Driveways  Conifer,CO.  (303) 697-6030

G&G Driveways  Serves ALL of Colorado   (720) 717-8567

Blasting / Drilling

Precision Drilling & Blasting, Inc. Alma,CO.  888-364-6248 

Cabinets / Counters / Appliances

Bauer Mountain Woodworks Conifer,CO. 303.838.2338

Bear Country Cabinets, LLC  Poncha Springs, CO. 719-207-4144

Cental Colorado Cabinets, LLC  Buena Vista,CO. 719-395-6050

Branches Cabinetry & Design (Conifer & Evergreen)  (303) 594.3151    CLICK HERE

Chimney Cleaning & Repairs

Inglenook Fireplaces-Serving Conifer, CO. 303-502-5172

Ark Valley Chimney Sweep  Salida, CO. 719-221-6962

CONSIDER IT DONE-Serving  Alma, CO. 719.839.1809

Concrete Cutting/ Demolition

Ace Coring & Cutting (& Flatwork) 970-409-0269 

AF Huckendorf Demolition, Inc. Fairplay, CO.   719-836-8269

Crane Sevice

Rocky Mountain Crane Services Inc  Salida,CO. 719 - 539 - 4966

Terry Crane & Rigging Salida, CO. 719.539.4429

Conifer Crane  (720) 431-4400

Evergreen Crane Services Morrison, CO. (303) 697-0617  ***

Alpine Crane Colorado Pine,CO. (303) 816-6646


Striker King Construction, Park County,CO. 719-839-0302

Electrical Contractors

AMA Electric & Communications, LLC  Fairplay,CO.719-836-2950  CLICK HERE

Francci Electric and Controls, LLC  Pine,CO. (303) 669-8497  CLICK HERE

SFL Electric, Inc  Bailey, CO. (303) 816-7249

BreitElectric  (720) 807-5054

Einstein Electric  Conifer,CO. (303) 901-8455

Evergreen Mountain Electric Evergreen,CO.  (720) 445-2782



Littlehorn Engineering & Surveying Fairplay,CO.719-836-7120


DCMC Driveway Restoration-Bailey, CO.  (303) 720-3650

Sayler & Sons Excavating Inc Bailey,CO. (303) 816-0228

Andrew Steinberg, Inc. Breckenridge, CO. 970-390-6691

Maverick Excavating, LLC 719-207-6809
Topaz Mountain Excavation Alma,CO. 970-409-8191 Jason Mc Donough

Fencing Installation & Products

Fence Easier, Hartsel,CO. (970) 379-3020



Goodrich Chimney Service  Conifer,CO. (303) 816-4900

Inglenook Energy Buena Vista,CO. 303-838-3612  


Firewood to Logging- Bailey, CO. 303-838-7377

Flooring Sales & Installation

Carpet Direct 303-816-2273
Stevens Carpet Plus Florissant, CO. 719-822-6822

Furniture Makers/Custom Spaces

4 Chicks Furniture (also Custom Spaces)  Pine, CO. (720)-288-0104

Machina Custom  Bailey,CO. 303-945-0409

Garage Doors



Gravel Materials

IKE Concrete Fairplay, CO. 719-836-2672

Gutters / Siding

R&R Roofing & Siding, Inc. Bailey, CO.  303-838-8126

Home Builders / General Contractors

Above Treeline Construction  Divide,CO. (719) 687–0680

G & G Construction Inc  Bailey,CO.  303-913-3373

Alpine Custom Cabins 877-222-4607

Faith Ranch, LLC 970-379-3020 Hartsel,CO.

PlayFair Design Build, LLC Fairplay, CO. 719-836-4617

Van Deel Homes,Inc Serving Park & Chaffee 719-207-0273

Hot Tub/Spas

Salida Stove & Spa Salida,CO. 719-539-2125

Insulation / Coatings

Division 7 Insulation Golden & Silverthorn,CO. 970-513-4705

Internet Speed

A New Way to Net, Park County,CO. 719-838-0964

Log Home Custom Manufacturer

T J's Wood Products,Inc. Bailey, CO.  800-530-0275

Sinrom Construction, LLC-Bailey, CO. 970.389.2501

Log Home Maintenance

Log Home Finishing & Maintenance Fairplay,CO. 970-368-2308

Lumber / Harware Supplies 

Alpine Lumber Co. Buena Vista,CO. 719-395-8601 

Breckenridge Buiding Center 970- 453-2372 

Moore Lumber & Hardware  Bailey,CO.303-674-1001 

Rocky Mountain Lumber & Hardware Buena Vista,CO. 719-395-8611

South Park Ace Hardware & Lumber  Fairplay,CO. 719-836-7095



Lil Rock Masonry & Time 720-297-1302

Modular Home - Design & Build

Painting & Staining

H&H Painting 719-293-5210 Fairplay,CO.

Plumbing / Heating Contractors

Freshwater Plumbing & Heating 719-371-4467

IDS (Innovative Design Systems 719-839-1490

Ridgeline Mechanical 719-839-0884

Plowing Snow

Topaz Mountain Excavation Alma,CO. 970-409-8191 Jason Mc Donough

Porta-Potties / Septic Services

Shirley Septic 303-838-6033


Amerigas Propane, Inc. Fairplay, CO.  719-836-2474

Bailey Propane 303-838-5411

Remodeling / Finishing / Tile

Jason Fabel Contracting 303-775-4007

R& R Remodeling 719-966-9555

Solar/Renewable Energy

Colorado Solar Energy Buena Vista 719-395-0191

Rental Equipment

Buena Vista Tool & Equipment Rental 719-395-6041  


Deep Water Emergency Services & Restoration Fairplay,CO. 719-836-3558

Roofing / Siding

Mines Roofing 970-596-3594

R&R Roofing & Siding, Inc 303-838-8126

Septic Engineering & Inspection

285 Engineering 719-839-1382

Septic Tanks

Valley Precast 719-395-6764

Survey Services

Burnett Land Surveying, Inc. 719-836-1425

Littlehorn Engineering & Surveying 719-836-7120

Water Well Service & Repair

Premier Pump Service, LLC 719-836-1591

Wells & Drilling / Water Treatment

Allen Drilling & Excavating,Inc. 719-836-2672

ASAP Well Drilling,Inc. 719-395-1962

Holland & Sons Water Well Drilling-Pine, CO.  (303) 816-7443

Windows / Doors

Gregory Door & Window 970-453-6428

What's Happening in the Mountains

assumes no liability for the work of the contractors advertising on website or in the

Park County Builders Guide/Contractors List.  And we let everyone know we are not

with the Business Connection or affiliated with them in anyway.

We are a Local Business Owner out of Fairplay,CO. 

And we have been showing support to our community.

And not just ours but to 4 other counties as well.

To Non profits, to many Businesses in hopes they grow & do well.

We believe in Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

We try to help as much as we can, and our saddened when one

closes its doors. Prayers go out to them & best wishes.

We really should be a non profit. But we just feel if we can help we will,

and if people wish to help us back by becoming sponsors, it usually

just helps with paying for this websites or ads we make up for the

community to see.

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