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Santa Maria 



Of the Beautiful Surroundings, we wish to keep the area of Santa Maria as 

Natural as Possible. Their is no slab pads, or perfect flat spots for Tents.

Here is all about the Beauty of the area. And the awesome no trail hiking

that is just right next to us is BLM Land & The Mark James Jones State Wildlife area. For us we enjoy seeing the Wildlife animals that pass

through here, antelope & elk.


This is for those who like to get away from the city, and wants a nice

private seclusion spot in the mountains. Even from the hustle and bustle from all the tourism or big events in town crowds.

Here we will have where 4 Tepees & 8 RV (no hookups),

can be. And we have one special Sheep Wagon Camper , we call her the

"Marybelle" that is for those like to spend the night in her. She is perfect for

a couple, and not over 5 foot 11 inches tall person. 

We are open Seasonal Only: May 1st to October 1st

This is because in South Park we sometimes have

nice size Snow Storms. And we prefer that people be

safe then risk coming up. Now and then its not so bad

so if a party wishes to ask before or after that date if

we might accept reservations. Will look into weather

reports to see what they say if that might be possible

to allow.  719-836-2950

Most places wont tell you this but, even in Summer

times, it can get cold at night at an elevation of 9,500.

So when getting ready please prepare and have warmer clothes/and such available for your stay.

For those in tents, maybe consider a tent heater.

But please be careful, no tent fires, be safe.


Go back in time, and enjoy spending the night  in a sheep Campers wagon. She has a short queen bed, a pull out table, and a wood burning stove you can light up if you like to, to get rid of that evening chill. We call her "Marybelle", she has tons of room under the bed for your stuff.

Sheep Camper Wagon Rates & Information 

Weekday $100 (includes 2 guests)
Weekend $120 (includes 2 guests)

Single night rentals available Sunday – Thursday!

Weekends require a 2 night’s stay
All Holidays require a 3 night stay

***No Pets allowed in the Marybella

No Refunds/Cancellations

We are currently in a fire ban. There is no wood, pellet, or charcoal burning. You can use a propane fire if you bring one, as long as it has an on/off switch.
There is no smoking on the ranch.


Experience the Magic and Tranquility of Tipi (Teepee) Camping in one

of our Traditional Sioux Native American Indian Tipi’s. Each Tipi has been placed in a beautiful Mountain Setting. 

  • You Must Bring Your Own Sleeping Cot or Mattress – You must blow up your mattress without electricity.

  • This is Primitive Camping (No Electric)

  • The Property and Tipi’s are Pet Friendly! 

  • Pets allowed-but no pet messes in tepees.

  • Bring your Lawn Games – there is Plenty of Room

  • And of course, bring the rest of the Magic with you!

Tepee Rates and Information

May 1st-Oct.1st         20 Foot Tepees
Weekday $100 (includes 4 guests)
Weekend $120 (includes 4 guests)

Single night rentals available Sunday – Thursday!

Weekends require a 2 night’s stay
All Holidays require a 3 night stay

Rates are based on 4 Person Occupancy
Additional Guests $15 per Night
Each Tipi Hold Up To 10 Guests (TBD)
Pets $20 for the Entire Stay

No Refunds/Cancellations For any reasons.

Come to the Mountains & Bring Your RV


Rocky Mountain Cigar Company

Fly Fishing Guide

Red Valley Rebels

Come enjoy the beauty of Colorado by Horse Ride.

28195 US Highway 285, Fairplay, CO.

An outfitting business located on the old Heritage Ranch in Fairplay, CO. Year round horseback rides

(970) 393-7848

m lazy c ranch lake george - ammenities/things near by


People ask is Santa Maria Pet Friendly? Yes we are, we love having our dog with us.

And if your like us you want your baby dog with you too. But for safety of all our guest

that stay with us, we have a few rules that had to be set.

*First: the area behind Santa Maria can be a great spot for short walks, playtime and such

for dogs. Also as you start heading over to the BLM & Mark James Jones State Wildlife area,

along the road. Remember we do ask people bring poop bags and clean up after their 

dogs. Will leave 2 small trash cans on the Santa Maria property, next to the porta potties.

Do not dump dog poop directly in the small trash cans. (must be in a bag).

*Keep your dog on a leash. We require you to keep your pet leashed at all times when outside your RV, same goes with tents. The leash may also be limited to a maximum length, typically 6 feet.

*Never leave your dog unattended outside your RV. And for tents inside or out.

 under any circumstances. Owners are not to leave their dog in the vechical.

As in the summer be too hot for them, and maybe too chilly at night.

*Prevent barking. Park manages (and your fellow campers) take a dim view of noise disturbances. If your pet repeatedly disturbs the peace with their barking, you may be asked to leave.

*No aggressive behavior allowed. Park rules often also state that if your dog behaves aggressively towards people or other dogs, you may be asked to leave. If your pup can’t play nice, maybe you’d be better off finding a dog boarder or sitter to care for them while you set off for an RV/tent vacation or weekend.

*Proof of vaccinations, rabies shot.

We ask all who stay with us to sign an agreement stating,

that they understand the pet rules. that the Santa Maria

is not responsible for Peoples Pets. 

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