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Park County Events


Jason Golec -Contact ahead of time schedule may change

due to weather.

SouthPark run club. We will meet 9am Sunday mornings in front of the rec center. If we run elsewhere, you'll want to Get on the call list.

Time: 7.30 PM


Introducing Game Night at The Ripple every Thursday night!

April 4th,11th,18th,25th

Treeline House-12 S. Main Street

Alma, CO. (719) 839-1319

We will be revolving through select activities such as board games, trivia, game shows, Mario Kart tournaments, classics like dice or cards and many more! Our schedule is always subject to change based on buyouts and other events.  Bring your family, friends or meet some new ones. Come get playful with us!Family friendly until 8pm, 21+ after. See you there. 

Introducing your new favorite activity in town.. Karaoke Night! 

April 2nd,9th,16th,23rd,30th

Treeline House

12 S. Main Street, Alma, CO. (719) 839-1319

Join us every Tuesday for a night of singing, cheering, laughter and community camaraderie.

Our schedule is always subject to change based on buyouts and other events. Stay tuned on our socials for the most up to date schedule of events and programming. Add Karaoke Night to your weekly calendar every Tuesday.

Head to The Ripple, wet your whistle and grab the mic, it’s about to get fun down here!

NOTE: Please check to be sure the event you are interested in is still happening, because the event could get canceled, or change the date/time of the event. I'm happy to show my support and have been asked to help with the local events by the other party that also shows events to our local community. 


April 18th

Alma Bingo

Please join us 7pm in the Alma Town Hall North Room for BINGO! $10 = 10 games. 59 E Buckskin Rd, Alma, CO


April 19th

April 5th,12th,19th,26th


April 2nd,9th,16th,23rd,30th

500 Front St, Fairplay, CO. (719) 838-4224


April 4th,11th,18th,25th

53 Stagestop Rd, Jefferson, CO. (719) 836-1607


April 2nd,9th,16th,23rd,30th   6.30pm-9pm 

Every Tuesday at Highside Fairplay, come play in a doubles pool tournament! Free entry, and beer prizes for the winners. Also, enjoy free pinball in between games! Play starts at 6:30pm.

Highside Brewing

411 US Hyw 285



Colorado Mountain Distillers

611 Canon St, Guffey, CO.

(719) 839-1613


Spiritual Retreat Weekend

Apr 5, 4:00 PM  Sun, Apr 7,12:00 PM

April 13th-

Tony Luke Band @ 6:00-10pm

April 27th

Bruce Hayes LIVE @6:00-10pm

All Happening at the: 

wild spirit mountain lodge

1245 Canon Street.

Guffey, CO 80820

Call or Text (719) 357-5452


Curiosity Clubhouse at the Local Library

Join Curiosity Clubhouse for FREE programming at the Fairplay, Bailey, and now Lake George and Guffy libraries!

April 5- Leprechaun Traps


Ages: 5-13


Design the perfect trap to catch those crafty Leprechaun. Learn about the various types of traps and create your own. Experiment with rainbows, launch lucky charms, and create gold slime!


April 12- Beginning Bird Watching

Lake George

All Ages


Discover the amazing world of birds. Learn how to identify birds, lure them into your yard, and enjoy the hobby of bird watching.


April 12- Game On


Ages: 5-13


Do your kids love video games? Come participate in a real life video game with your favorite plumbers and their friends! Play mini-games and be challenged by Mario STEM! Get off the screen and participate in the fun in real life. Create your favorite video game characters using LEGO and race them around the board to earn stars.


April 19- Earth Day


Ages: 5-13


Celebrate Earth Day with Curiosity Clubhouse. Go on an Earth Day scavenger hunt, create a bird feeder, learn about the layers of the earth and plant seeds to watch them grow. Celebrate the wonderful earth we live on and learn about the life that lives on it!


April 26- Science of Music


Ages: 5-13


Have you ever wondered about the science behind music and sound? Create instruments and test their properties of sound. Discover more about sound frequencies and sound waves. Learn how musical instruments can make different sounds.


Registration is required and spots will fill fast! Book your spot today!

Lunch will not be provided, please send your child with a lunch and snacks.

Register at:


Snitching Lady Distillery

500 Front St, Fairplay, CO. (719) 838-4224


Fairplay Library Art Club is hosting it's first Art Challenge on Apr. 27th. It's a great day for creatives to get together and challenge themselves with something new. I've created a list of 30 different and unique challenges for attendees to choose from. This is a FREE event at the Fairplay Library, come join us! The art club meets every last Saturday of the month.

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