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Hunter Comes Face To Face With Angry Bigfoot

Frightening Bigfoot Sightings At A Dude Ranch

In the summer of 1924, a group of gold prospectors stumbled out of the woods, shaking and glassy-eyed, to tell of 7-foot-tall ape-like animals attacking them with boulders.

Fred Beck, Gabe Lefever, John Peterson, Marion Smith and Smith’s son Roy described coming upon “gorilla men” near where they had built a small cabin for their gold-hunting forays.

They claimed they were eight miles from Spirit Lake when they encountered four of the giant animals moving through the forest with erect, human-like strides. “They are covered with long, black hair,” The Oregonian reported, relating the descriptions offered by the men. “Their ears are about four inches long and stick straight up. They have four toes, short and stubby.” The witnesses estimated each animal weighed about 400 pounds.


A 1970s Bigfoot photo submitted to The Oregonian by a hiker. (Oregonian archive)

Taken aback at the sight of the huge beasts, Fred Beck fired his rifle at one of the creatures, and, struck three times, the wounded animal toppled off a cliff. (Beck reportedly claimed years later that another member of the party fired the shots.)

The violence proved a mistake.

That night, the men said, they were awakened when huge stones began clomping against the outside of their cabin. Then they heard -- and felt -- giant bodies slamming against the walls and door. The ape-men were seeking revenge.

The beasts eventually tore a hole in the roof, allowing them to target Beck.

“Many of the rocks fell through a hole in the roof, and two of the rocks struck Beck, one of them rendering him unconscious for nearly two hours,” The Oregonian reported.


Finally, the prospectors said, the sun began to come up, which prompted the animals to break off their attack and slip away. The men poked their heads out the door and, when they decided the coast was clear, ran out of the woods.

Tales of giant “ape-men” weren’t exactly new to the area. Hunters, lumberjacks and prospectors had seen massive footprints now and again over the years, and Native Americans in the area had spoken of “mountain devils.” But few people seriously worried about the possibility of huge, unknown creatures being out there in the forest.

That changed when the gold-hunters returned to civilization that summer day in 1924. The dramatic story of their battle with large, human-like beasts was irresistible -- and thus hard for people to dismiss.

in May of 1950 a mountaineer and skier by the name of Jim Carter suddenly and mysteriously disappeared in Ape Canyon while out on a climbing expedition with 20 other people on a warm, clear day. A subsequent search would turn up footprints that seemed to suggest that the missing man had been frantically running, as if being chased, even careening down steep embankments and hurdling recklessly across crevices. One searcher, mountaineer and member of the Seattle Mountain Search and Rescue unit, Bob Lee, has said that there was the constant sense of being watched from the woods during the search. He would say of the expedition:

It was the most eerie experience I have ever had. There was something strange on the high slopes of the mountain. I could feel the hair on my neck standing up. It was eerie. I was unarmed, except for my ice ax and, believe me, I never let go of that. Carter’s complete disappearance is an unsolved mystery to this day. Dr. Otto Trott, Lee Stark and I finally came to the conclusion that the mountain devils got him


Two men had apparently ventured out into the swamp to explore, bringing along with them a young boy. At some part they found strange prints measuring 18 inches long and 9 inches wide out in the deeper part of the swamp, and they made their way back home after being spooked by the enormous footprints.

Some local hunters then became interested in the tale, and one of the men who had seen the footprints accompanied them out to the site where he had found them. They did indeed find some vestiges of the tracks, and apparently followed them deeper into the wilderness for several days. One evening as the group was in camp they reportedly had a harrowing experience indeed, when some fierce creature charged them from the brush. Five men and the creature itself would end up dead in the ensuing battle, and The Statesman news report says of this thus:

The next minute he was full in their view, advancing upon them with a terrible look and ferocious mien. Our little band instinctively gathered close in a body and presented their rifles. The huge being, nothing daunted, bounded upon his victims, and in the same instant received the contents of seven rifles. He did not fall alone, nor until he had glutted his wrath with the death of five of them, which he effected by wringing the head from the body. – Writhing and exhausted, at length he fell, with his hapless prey beneath his grasp.

When the dead beast’s carcass was examined it was found to measure 13 feet tall and was covered with coarse hair, and the frightened men decided to retreat, as they were afraid it’s death would attract any others in the area. So hasty was their escape that both the mysterious monster and their fallen partners were left where they lay.

November 27, 1895 edition of the SanFrancisco newspaper The Call, and is a rather dramatic, violent account of several lumbermen who either went missing or were killed in a shockingly brutal manner by some wild beast in Northern California. The story goes that in November of 1895 a lumberman came out of the wilderness telling stories of missing men and a hairy wild man running amok. The article reads:

A lumberman who returned to-day from the forest in the north of the State brings the most harrowing intelligence of the doings of a wild man in the lumber region of the west branch. He states that great consternation has been caused and a large number of lumbermen have left the camps and returned to their cities rather than face the monster.
For over two months quite a number of men have disappeared from the camps and when found bore the semblance of having had an encounter with some wild animal, their bodies in every instance having been terribly mangled and torn. A lumberman who returned to a camp a little north of this city a week ago startled all by stating that while at work he had been attacked by this wild man, and it was only by the help of his ax that he had been able to defend himself from the murderous attacks. Since that time he has been seen by the crews several times, but on their approach he fled into the deep woods with the speed of a deer.
He is described as being so nearly like an animal that it is almost impossible to detect him from one. He has a long, shaggy beard, and is covered with a huge, skin coat. The general belief is that he is a sportsman who has become lost in the deep forests, and after wandering around for weeks has gone hopelessly crazy,


Frontiersman called only Bauman, who was allegedly out with a partner at an isolated area of Montana’s Wisdom River to do some trapping. The men made a makeshift camp and went out to trap, and when they returned found that not only had their packs been ripped open and rummaged through while they were away, but that their lean-to had also been destroyed.

The men perhaps foolishly decided to stay, and merely rebuilt the lean-to and tidied up the camp, and that night Bauman supposedly was awoken by something crashing through the brush and an oppressive, foul stink. Bauman grabbed his rifle and shot out into the night, after which the creature reportedly scampered off. The following morning, the men made preparations to leave, deciding that they had had enough of the strange goings on. Bauman allegedly gathered up their traps while his partner went on ahead to set up a new camp farther down the river, but when Bauman arrived he was met with the grisly sight of his friend dead, his neck twisted all the way around and horrific bite marks on his throat. 


BigFoot in Park County,CO. Encounters

Mother and daughter have a scary daytime encounter while hiking on North Twin Cone

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Park County

MONTH: August 23rd, 2018  SEASON: Summer

LOCATION DETAILS: The road on the east side of Kenosha Pass Campground that takes you up to the Twin Cones. The rock throwing and tree knocking occurred off the road about 15 minutes from the top. It was at the campsite on the right side.

NEAREST TOWN: Jefferson, Colorado


OBSERVED: Oh my God is all that we can say. It is Thursday 08/23/18 and we are just getting to our vehicle from a harrowing hike. We were hiking the road at Kenosha Pass on the east side that takes you to the twin cones above tree line. We began our hike at noon and hiked up the road. We reached the twin cone tree line area at 3:30pm. It was a beautiful and uneventful hike until we were headed back down the road. My daughter had said she thought that she had heard a tree knock and I was being silly and took a rock and knocked on a large rock off of the road and then tossed the rock about 5 ft off of the road. Literally 2 minutes later we both heard multiple loud tree knocking and rocks were whizzing past our heads. The stench was unbearable-like nothing I have ever smelled before. My 21yr.old daughter began to scream and cry as we were under attack by someone or something. I was so startled that I just stood there frozen as this dark figure was staring back at me. I couldn’t move. My daughter grabbed my arm and we took off. I had an air horn that I depressed 3 times as we were running away and that seemed to deter the rock throwing. The rock throwing continued for 5 more minutes as we ran down the hill. We were almost to our vehicle which was parked off the dirt road when we heard a loud guttural whoop off the road abit and we just kept running to the car so very very afraid! We made it back to our vehicle at 6:15pm. I will never return and we are not okay with this. This needs to be investigated please.

ALSO NOTICED: The horrible stench that we smelled just before the rock throwing attack. The only thing that seemed to end the rock throwing was that I had an air horn that I blew 3 times as we were trying to escape the attack.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my 21yrold daughter. We were walking down the road.



ENVIRONMENT: Heavily forested pine/aspen trees.

Both witnesses were clearly upset by the encounter, and expressed their desire to never visit the location again
I visited the site of the encounter myself on the following Monday. The activity took place just below a treeline at approximately 11,000 ft of elevation. I did observe what appeared to be a partial footprint, and discovered a possible hiding/sleeping area as well, which had a very distinct odor. The odor was notable, but not as intense as described by the witnesses during their encounter.

The mother provided slightly more detail with regards to her observation of the actual creature. She emphasized her strong feeling that the creature was hostile and that she felt it might charge at her and her daughter. The daughter purposely did not look at the creature due to the sheer terror she felt at the time. The mother felt that deploying the air horn gave them the opportunity to leave the scene without further interaction with the figure she observed. Since rocks were being thrown from another direction at the time of the sighting, it would seem clear that there were multiple creatures.

The witnesses were clear that they were followed several miles down the mountain back to their car, and at that point, they were further startled by a loud roar/scream from the treeline.

Athough they felt that they were under attack, they were not hit by any rocks. We have received many reports of rock throwing, which is most likely an intimidation behavior where they wish for you to leave. If they wanted to hit their mark, a human, they would be able to if that is what they were aiming for, without much effort.

Hunter experiences night-time rock-throwing and possible vocalizations while camping near Hartsel

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Park County

MONTH: October 12th,2015​ SEASON: Fall


OBSERVED: I was elk hunting alone and was having a hard time going to sleep so I was just laying in my bag at about 10:30 pm. Initially I heard what sounded like something clearing its throat but it was a very deep sound that was like nothing I've ever heard. 20 minutes later I heard what sounded like a rock land close to my tent and a few seconds later I heard another one land with a thud, neither sounded as if they rolled as the ground was damp from snow melt. Just after 11 pm I heard something come from the tree line behind me "wooooo" "wooooo" from two separate locations as if there were several and they were talking to each other. Once the sun came up enough for me to see I broke camp and left and didn't look around for sign as I was a bit unnerved by the whole thing.

ALSO NOTICED: The previous two nights the coyotes and cows were all over this area, walking within 30 ft of my tent all night. I had noticed on my way back to camp that night that the cows were at the other end of the pasture as far away as possible from where I was camped and there were no coyotes that night.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10-11 pm. Slightly cloudy and cold

ENVIRONMENT: Aspen groves, pine forest and open parks

 The events occurred during the witness' third night at the campsite, which was about 3 miles from the hunting area that he was utilizing. There was a sliver of moon the night of the encounter, and it was very dark.
The witness mentioned that there was a free-range cattle grazing area close to his camp, and on the night of his encounter, the cows seemed unusually quiet, and were grouped together in one section of the grazing area. During the previous two nights, the cows were noisy and ventured close to his campsite throughout the night.

He had gone to bed around 10 pm, and at @10:30 pm, he heard a loud bark or cough in the tree-line near his camp.
About 20 minutes  later, two large rocks were heaved into his camp, both of which made very loud thuds when they landed.
Shortly after that, he heard loud whoops from three different directions around the camp.

The witness stated that he then armed himself in his tent, and he mentioned that if he was not already situated in his tent, he would have packed up his belongings and left the area at that point. No other activities occurred that night.

The witness seemed very sincere, and his descriptions of the events were clear and did not deviate in any way during our discussion.
The area where the encounter took place is near several other locations where Bigfoot activity has been reported and documented.